Strawberry Mousse


Strawberry Mousse 


50 gr selai strawberry by Aneka Pie, hancurkan. 50 gr strawberry jam by Aneka Pie, finely ground.

200 ml whipping cream

2 btr kuning telur. 2 egg yolks

2 btr putih telur. 2 white eggs

1/2 sdt vanilla extract. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

20-30 gr gula halus (aku tdk menambahkan gula, krn dr strawberry jam sudah cukup manisnya). 20-30 gr finely ground sugar

(I morbidly added sugar , because strawberry jam is enough sweetness)


1. Siapkan panci dgn air 1/2. Prepare pan with 1/2 water

2. Panaskan whipping cream diatas panci ber air, hingga panas 90 %. Heat the whipping cream over the water pot , until hot 90% (bain marie method)

3. Kocok dgn mixer kuning telur selama 1 menit, sisihkan. Beat egg york 1 minute.

4. Kocok putih telur hingga kaku sisihkan. Beat the egg whites until stiff and set aside

5. Masukkan kuning telur kocok ke whipping panas aduk cepat dgn whisk. Add the beaten egg yolk into hot whipping to mix well using a whisk.

6. Angkat panci, masukkan putih telur, aduk rata menggunakan whisk dgn cara dibalik, aduk rata.

Remove the pan , add the egg whites , mix well using a whisk with a way behind and stir well.

7. Tuang dalam gelas dan simpan di chiller 1-2 jam, sajikan dingin. Pour into a glass and keep it in a chiller 1-2 hours and serve cold



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