Baked Potato, Bacon and Cheese


Baked Potato, Bacon & Cheese

3 kentang mentega, cuci, gores dan kukus selama 15 menit. 3 butter potato, wash, scratch and steam for 5 minutes
3 lembar bacon, iris. 3 pcs bacon, slice
2 sdm keju émental. 2 tbs émental cheese.
2 sdm keju cheddar merah. 2 tbs red cheddar cheese.

1. Panaskan oven 200 C.
2. Isi celah kentang dgn bacon dan cheese. Fill the gap potatoes with bacon and cheese.
3. Lapisi loyang dgn almunium foil dan letakkan kentang diatasnya. Dan oven selama 15-20 menit. Cover pan with foil and place potato in it. And baked for 15-20 minutes


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