Mix Dry Fruits w/Spices Cake



80 ml minyak canola. 80 ml canolla oil
100gr gula. 100 gr granulated sugar
80 gr terigu rendah protein. 80 gr low protein flour.
20 gr maizena. 20 gr cornstarch.
1 sdt kayu manis bubuk. 1 sdt cinnamon powder.
½ sdt pala bubuk. ½ sdt nutmeg powder.
½ sdt ngohiong bubuk.½ sdt 5spice powder.
½ sdt garam. ½ tsp salt.
1 sdt baking powder. 1 tsp baking powder.
5 butir telur. 5 pcs eggs
100 gr buah kering. 100 gr dry fruit.

1.Panaskan oven 180C. Campur dan ayak tepung, pala bubuk, kayu manis bubuk, garam dan baking powder, sisihkan. Prehead oven 180 C. Mix and sift flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and baking powder, set aside.
2. Kocok dgn kecepatan tinggi telur dan gula hingga mengembang. Mixer with high speed eggs and sugar until fluffy.
4. Turunkan dikecepatan terendah dr mixer dan masukkan tepung bertahap, juga minyak canola. Slowdown speed mixer and add step by step flour, add melted butter, vanilla and baking rhum.
5. Matikan mixer. Tuang kedalam loyang sebagian, taburin buah kering. Tuang lg adonan, taburi lagi buah kering dan tutup dgn sisa adonan (aku pake loyang dr silikon ukuran sedang or 20inch). Turn off mixer. Pour some mixture to the pan and sprinkle some dried fruits. Repeat until mixture are all poured to the pan (I use silicone pan medium size or 20 inch)
6. Masukkan ke dlm oven dan oven selama 35-40 menit. Enter into oven and bake for 35-40 minutes.
7. Keluarkan cake dr oven dan biarkan dingin, potong dan siap disajikan. Take out cake from oven and lets cool. Ready to cut and serve.

Loyang silikon aku oles dengan mentega dan taburi tepung. I spread the silikon pan with butter and sprinkle with flour


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