Fried Mushroom


20 buah jamur kancing segar. 20 pcs fresh champignon mushroom.
Minyak utk menggoreng. Oil for deep fry

3 sdm tepung beras. 3 tbsp rice flour.
1 sdm tepung sagu. 1 tbsp cornstarch.
1 sdt bawang putih bubuk. 1 tsp powdered garlic.
Garam dan lada secukupnya. Some salt and pepper.
Air es secukupnya. Some cold water.

1. Panaskan minyak. Heat oil.
2. Campur bahan pencelup. Mix the batter ingredients.
3. Celupkan jamur pada adoanannpencelup dan masukkan ke minyak panas. Dipping mushroom into dipping batter and add into hot oil.
4. Goreng hingga keemasan dan saring. Frying until golden and strain.

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