Hot Choco Marshmallow


200 ml air mendidih. 200 ml boiled water.
12 gr coklat bubuk. 12 gr cocoa powder.
8 gr gula merah (sesuai selera). 8 gr brown sugar. (as your desire)
1 batang kayu manis. 1 stalk cinnamon.
10 gr marshmallow.

1. Masukkan coklat bubuk dan gula merah dlm cangkir, tuangi air mendidih dan aduk dgn kayu manis batang. Enter cocoa powder and brown sugar into a cup, pour boiled water and stir with cinnamon.
2. Letakkan marshmallow diatasnya. Add marshmallow on top.
3. Nikmati coklat panas bersama kue pilihan. Enjoy your hot choco with any snack.

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