Mix Berries Cream Cheese Strudel


Basic pastry dough from this link👇 I only adjusted the ingredients:

Bahan pastry/pastry ingredients:
125 gr tepung serba guna. 125 gr all purpose flour. (Segitiga Biru)
125 gr tepung untuk roti. 125 gr bread flour. (holden Eagle)
227gr (1 blok) mentega tawar. 227 gr (1 block) unsated butter. (Anchor)
1 sdt garam. 1 tsp salt.
120 ml air dingin. 120 ml cold water.
Cara proses nya mengikuti link diatas👆. Follow the link 👆for the method.

Bahan isian/filling ingredients:
100 gr cream cheese. (Yummy red label)
25 gr gula halus. 25 gr castor sugar.
Campur cream cheese dan gula halus dgn mixer kecepatan rendah. Whip cream cheese and castor sugar with a slow speed mixer.
5 buah strawberry, iris. 5 pcs strawberry, slice.
50 gr blueberry beku. 50 gr frozen blueberry.
Choco chip secukupnya. Some choco chips.

1. Cara membuat nya lihat youtube -ku ya👇. Watch my youtube for the method 👇

2. Dan oven dengan suhu 220C selama 15 menit. And bake with 220C temperature for 15 minutes.

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