Roasted Smoked Chicken jd no


1 ekor ayam probiotik utuh, bersihkan, a whole probiotik chicken, wash.

Bumbu perendam/brine:
1½ sdm garam. 1½ tbsp salt.
30 gr gula pasir. 30 gr granulated sugar.
40 ml kecap cap jamur. 40 ml kecap cap jamur.
1 sdm ketumbar bubuk. 1 tbsp coriander.
800 ml air. 800 ml water.
40 ml liquid smoke. 40 ml liquid smoke

1. Campur semua bahan brine. Mix brine ingredients.
2. Masukkan ayam dlm kantung plastik besar, tuang brine dan ikat rapat plastik, pastikan ayam terendam semua. Put the chicken in a large plastic bag, pour in the brine and tie it tightly in plastic, making sure it’s completely submerged.
3. Diamkan di lemari es 24 jam agar semua bumbu meresap kedalam ayam. Let stand in the refrigerator for 24 hours so that all the spices soak into the chicken.
4. Panggang ayam selama 1 jam dgn suhu 200C. Baked chicken for an hour with 200C temperature.
5. Potong ayam saat hangat dan siap disajikan. Cut the chicken while it’s warm and ready to serve.

Sisa bumbu perendam/brine bisa digunakan utk merendam 2-3x lagi utk bahan lain. Utk merendam seafood terakhir saja.  The remaining marinade / brine can be used to soak another 2-3 times for other ingredients.  At the last time for soaking seafood.

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